5 Steps to Take When Ordering Flowers Online

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I thought I would take a second and dedicate this post to all of the romantics our there, those who love chivalry and spoiling their significant other. If you’re that person, then you love the idea of someone ordering flowers online and surprising you out of the blue with a beautiful bouquet. If so, below are 5 steps tips that can you help you preserve the beauty of those flowers:

After you’ve been gifted with a stunning bouquet of flowers from an online floral shop, you will want to nurture them so they last as long as possible. That requires a bit of extra care beyond simply putting them in a vase with water. As strange as these DIY flower saving tricks might seem, they have been proven over time by florists and gardeners alike.


Carefully remove the lower leaves on each stem so none of them are soaking in the water. Before you put the bouquet in the vase, cut the end of each stem at an angle so it allows more water to saturate the flower.


Fill a vase with warm water. You’ll know the water is too hot if you can’t hold your finger in it for a few seconds. The warm temperature of the water allows it to be absorbed into the flower. Add a few teaspoons of table sugar to the water and mix to dissolve. Alternately, ¼ c. of Sprite (or other clear fizzy soda) will work as well.


If you don’t have a store-bought packet of flower nutrients, add any one of these handy user-submitted ingredients that are sure to extend the bouquet’s life an extra week. Mix in a few teaspoons of white vinegar,  bleach, or 2 crushed Asprin.


Keep your floral arrangement in a cool spot with a healthy amount of light. We recommend keeping them away from ethylene-producing fruits like bananas or apples because they cause the flowers to wilt more quickly. The same is true for appliances that produce a lot of heat. This will make your bouquet extremely unhappy and dehydrated. Again, cooler temperatures are the most ideal.


Finally, make sure to change the water about 2 times per week (more if needed). Each time you replace the water, trim the tips again with an angled. This will continue to allow water to flow freely up the stems.

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horrible car wreck in little rock, ar

I spent the morning off of Vera Cruz lane in Little Rock, Arkansas meeting with my first scheduled clients of the day. A picture perfect modern family of four, the father looked highly successful, my guess was a personal injury attorney. The mother and children well-polished and ready for their family session. The day was ideal for shooting, perfect temperatures and enough overcast where I wouldn’t have to fight with too much sun. As I was posing the youngest boy we heard a horrendous deafening noise that sounded only yards away from our session setting. I ran towards the noise with my camera around my neck, expecting to be confronted with the most unfavorable situation.
The terror I felt getting to the scene was beyond describable, I stood shell shocked on the sidewalk unsure of how to even approach the scene. There were about eight people doing what they could to help the people involved, including one bystander who stated “I know an accident attorney in Little Rock, AR  by the business name of Johnson and Vines” from across the way but the sound of the wreckage was too overpowering. The crumple of metal made almost all attempts for one car a failure. One women was on her phone directing emergency responders on the details and location, yet she was close to hysterics trying to give an accurate description of the mess before us.
Amongst the chaos I did what I do best, I captured what was in front of me. The silver impala was smashed completely in the front, the hood up, crinkled to the back end of the car. There was too much wreckage to even see the driver of the car, smoke was pouring out of the hood and the once full sized sedan was smashed to about half the length it once was. With my 300mm zoom lens already in the works I approached the scene closer to capture the vehicles. Even with the capability to zoom into items barely visible to the naked eye I couldn’t make out a human being in the sedan. The other vehicle, a black SUV was flipped over glass surrounding every inch of the road. The driver of the SUV was yelling frantically while pedestrians helped slowly pull him from the driver’s side window. His arm covered in blood, bent at an unnatural angle. He was able to be released from the wreckage and walked a short distance to the sidewalk, collapsing on his knees, visible shaken.
Paramedics arrived quickly wrapping the man in the SUV in a blanket asking him for a description of what happened. I was close enough to hear him say that he was heading to the doctors and the silver impala drove directly into him at a fairly high speed. He said he remembered the car flipping then people rushing to help him get out. His injuries weren’t life threatening, but needed immediate medical treatment. The male bystander that helped release the man in the SUV handed him a card before they laid him on the stretcher for medical transport. “I’m sure you’ve certainly heard of Johnson and Vine little rock, arkansas, maybe?” said one the bystander. The man in the SUV was still clearly shaken, shook his head, but took the business card with him that the man presented as the doors to the ambulance closed.

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