Explore The Unexplored City Of El Progreso

El Progreso a small city in Honduras and it is present in Yoro department of Honduras.

Because of its location, tourists and travelers pass through this place one way or another. This is the reason El Progreso has importance in Honduras. Although, a city is a resting place for travelers, there are some interesting spots present here where you can visit and have fun. The top spots of El Progreso are:

Museum El Progreso

This is a railway museum center and also known Railway Interpretation Center. During your visit to this museum, you can enjoy a short trip on a small train. We traveled here with my friend Sarah, who lives in Albany NY & runs Ultimate Roofing.  She shared info about the local railway systems in NY & the history at the New York State Museum.  If you are traveling with family and children, take them here your children will have an irresistible fun here.

Cathedral Basílica de Mercedes-Luján

The English name of this place is “Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy”. The cathedral has been declared as a National Historic Landmark. This cathedral is of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mercedes-Luján. It was built in 1904 and serves the Mercedes-Luján’s Archdiocese and has Episcopal Chair. It is built in the Gothic Revival style. The cathedral has remains of Doña Inés Unzué Dorrego and Don Saturnino Unzué. The key benefactors of the cathedral are dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy.

Siguastore, Siguatepeque

To reach Siguatepeque sits you need to take a short car trip and it is worth taking this much pain. The place is around 1000 meters above sea level. The hill is covered by a lovely pine tree and there is a huge greenery present here.  Reach the top of the hill and you will be amazed to see the top view. There are many coffee shops present here that serves wonderful coffee and other hot drinks. Trying it at a peaceful place is a lovely experience in itself.

Brisbane: What to do and Where to Go?

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Brisbane is the third-largest city of Australia. The sophisticated culture truly took my heart away. The city is green and clean. It is the perfect place to go on vacation with your family. Some of the places that you can check out on your visit to Brisbane are given below.

Visit the Koala Sanctuary

Visiting Australia and not taking time to see a koala would surely be a mistake. Visit Lone Pine which is a koala sanctuary situated in Brisbane. However, I also found wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, and snakes in here. Many events take place in here such as the flight demonstrations of a bird of prey. I took some great photos of cuddling a koala. Want to hold a baby crocodile or a snake; you can do that, too.

Drop-In at Botanic Gardens

Visit the Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-Tha is one of the favorite attractions that you can check out. It appeals to visitors, as well as locals. This is a prime area for a picnic. Carry some food and sit among the lush green field to enjoy some time with your family. What I love the most was the Japanese garden. You will also find a collection of the rainforest trees of Australia. Take a 4-minute drive from the garden to reach the top where you can catch a panoramic view of the whole area.

Go for River Cruises

I feel that the best way to travel around the city is through river cruises. Glide along meandering Brisbane River for 7 days in a week. There are cruise services that provide 24 hours hop and off services along with different parts of the city. Some of them also tell you about the historical backgrounds of the sights. Gain a new perspective of the city from this tour.

Aswan – The Medieval City

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Aswan city is located alongside and over the Nile banks and which is why it has under control temperatures; it is not very hot always, though the sun might be shining too hard on you, you will be able to feel a mildly cool wind across your face. The city is very popular for hosting many earlier military vases and a numerous number of quarries which were used in medieval times for water sources. Some of them are completely ruined; however, some of them still sit. The city is away from any sort of hustle and bustle, so if you are looking to just sit in silence and rest away, this is the city you should be in. Here are some of the suggestions.

Elephantine Island

As its name suggests the island is known to host over fifty elephants alongside the water coastlines. And none of these elephants are captivated or anything they roam around freely and it is a record that they have never harmed any of the locals or tourists itself. The elephants you can spot bathing and play in the river, sometimes you can even spot them with their babies and it is so lovely that you cannot take your eyes away from it. You can help these elephants bath and even ride them through the waters, making it a completely different kind of adventure.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is the heritage historical site registered under UNESCO. And it is very true to its title, it is one of the most intricate designing. Not only the architecture of this place is ancient but it has got an equal mix of modernization when it was restored and rebuilt. You can take a day trip to the monument which was earlier the palace to the Ramses rulers. However, this place is somewhat ruined, but it has got this huge ancient Statue on its entry that is a definite sight.

Changzhou – Go Back to the Dinosaur Age

I found this city to be unique, especially the fact that there are traces of dinosaur age that its history goes back to. This place was inhabited about 2700 years back in history. Among the smaller cities of China, this is a town worth visiting for its old world charm. It is centrally located in the southeastern part of the country, south of Jiangsu province.

I found the weather here to be mild which ranges from freezing lows to highs below 90. Dinosaurs also existed in this region of which piles of evidence have been found. Today the modern city is easy to reach from Nanjing or from Shanghai which are about 1.5 hours of travel by high-speed train.

You can plan a day trip here and explore the local attractions as I did.

Stop by the Tianning Temple

This place of worship is a Zen Buddhist temple and is dotted with several well-cultured gardens. It is also one of the noted archaeological sites that are worth visiting.

The Main Attraction – Changzhou’s Dinosaur Park

There is evidence of dinosaurs having inhabited this place and that is what you get to view in this park. There is a theme park built around this place as well as a Universal Dinosaur town. Not only can you visit the different entertainment facilities and dinosaur museum, but they can also enjoy a stay here and enjoy the recreational activities.

The Yancheng Scenic Area

This is yet another area that is worth visiting and spending a day here. It is a historical site with ruins of an old town of China which was guarded by city walls and three moats. There are three thousand years of history around this town and its rulers.

Spend Time by the Tianmu Lake

Located north of Tianmu Mountain, it is an hour’s drive from downtown; it is constructed of reservoirs and natural sceneries around the lake are breathtaking.

You can enjoy the above places visited with a city tour guide service and you can also stop by local eateries to enjoy native cuisine of the place.

Santa Ana: Your Vacation Is Set To Bloom Here

Located in Central America, Santa Ana is a happening city and is popular as the business center for the region. It is the second largest city in El Salvador. There is nothing much to see or do here and it is more of a one day tour rather than a vacation. One of the highlights that I found amusing was the Central Square; its fountain, cathedral, a town hall, a theatre, and various other architectural structures. I spent most of the time strolling through the streets and sipping warm coffee in cafes. I visited the Cerro Verde National Park, which was a cloud forest encircled with three dormant volcanoes. You can either opt for a minibus or a bus to take you to the park. The park was crowded with school children and other local visitors, but I couldn’t spot many foreign tourists there. I went trekking through the forest with a guide although I couldn’t see much of my surroundings due to the clouds.

The next destination on my itinerary was Lake Coatepeque. I had lunch from one of the many restaurants built on the lakeside. Some of them were floating on the lake with an attached outboard motor which can be taken out into the lake. I was often stopped by several bands of musicians and their series of songs while I was enjoying the scenery. It started raining in the afternoon, and I was told that this was usually every afternoon. So if you ever plan on visiting Santa Ana, don’t forget your slippers and umbrella! Another thing to keep in your mind; do not roam around the streets without knowing where you’re headed to; it might seem like a place easy to navigate, but there are very fewer roads labeled. So keep a map in handy. There are a lot of restaurants that you can stay in, and a lot of street food that you can gorge on. So if a short vacation is what you’re looking for, Santa Ana is your place.

San Salvador: This Capital City Is A Must Visit

If you were looking for a place rich in history along with big malls, bars, pub coupled with breathtaking views, and all of this in Central America, then I have a recommendation for you, San Salvador, the Capital city of El Salvador.

One thing I liked about the city from the start was that it wasn’t difficult to commute within the city at any stage of the journey. One may take a bus or taxi and go around exploring the city.

As I commuted through the city, I noticed a strange mix of narrow streets and wide avenues and boulevards. San Salvador can rightly be called a city of boulevards, as it is home to the two widest boulevards of Central America: Boulevard de Los Proceres and Boulevard de Los Heroes. Stopping by at them I felt that they provide a unique dimension to the city.

Moving on, to one of the city’s most visited spots, the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior. This place hosts the tomb of Archbishop Óscar Romero. The cathedral did serve as a great spot to stop and reflect, to pray and to spend some essential moments of peace before moving ahead in the journey.

My next stop was Plaza Libertad which is where the Monument of the Heroes is situated. This is a place of great significance in the history of El Salvador. The monument is a magnificent treat to the eyes specifically if you love cultural architecture. At the pinnacle of the monument stands an “angel of freedom” further enhancing its glory.

My trip came to an end with the breathtaking view of the volcanoes surrounding the city. The fare, food, and lodging here are cheap and the experience is very rich. In all San Salvador is a great city which you must visit.

Duran: This River Town Is Out Of A Fairyland

Duran is one of the 221 second-level subdivisions of Ecuador and falls in the Guayas territory where the Guayas River flows into the ocean near the junction of the river Daule and river Babahoyo. Basically, a small cozy town with a population of roughly 240,000 people, Duran wins a place in the hearts of the visitors who crave for an escape to a different casual town and do not demand a vast typical travel experience. The town, lying in 59 kilometers square units of area, is filled with numerous historical establishments and number of small local markets and restaurants called “comedores.” I feel like one could truly encounter the life of the natives of Duran in these local repositories and food places which is the source of livelihood for most of the people.

These are some of the places to visit and things not to miss in Duran,

  • Malecon Alfredo Palacios
  • Ruta de Los Arruzates
  • Divino Nino Sanctuary
  • Museo De Los Equipos Del Astillero
  • Tren Ecuador
  • Finca Monoloco
  • Edificio El Torreon

Duran, also known as Eloy Alfaro, which is the capital of the same, is where the first railroad center in Ecuador was installed. Hence, rail tours are a traditional attraction to the visitors here, which include free refreshments, guide support, a trip through the organic farms of Duran with the relaxing, casual vibes and the scenic beauty of the small town. Duran is also proximate to some of the fascinating and biggest cities of the country such as Guayaquil, Riobamba, Samborondon, etc.

Duran’s terrains and environment are perfect for people looking forward to a brief, serene trip of one or two days. I bet that even though Duran might not offer a flamboyant or electrifying experience, it will still be a place from where someone carries a suitcase of cherished memories.

Cancun: Explore The Natural Beauty

This was the first time I was visiting Cancun. No doubt, my excitement was at its peak. It is an exotic getaway. The balmy temperature all the year round and aquamarine colors have enticed me like nothing else. Whether you feel happy to chill on the beach or snorkel on the open sea, there are many ways to explore this beautiful city. Take a look at my guide to experience the best of Cancun.

  • Visit the local beach

The beautiful beaches of Cancun took me to paradise. However, they tend to get filled with tourists. Stray away from this and go to Playa Delfines. This is a public beach that is frequented by locals. Even though you might not find roving waiter there with a tray filled with margarita glass, you will get palapas and other drinks.

  • Check out the Mayan Ruins

I found Coba, Tulum, and Chichen Itza all doable in a day trip. However, it is a long trek. El Rey has been named after a skeleton which had been unearthed in this site. However, not everyone is aware of this. The Mayan heritage of this region has come alive in 47 stone sculptures which date back to 1250 A.D.

  • Go snorkeling among statues

This one was a must visit for me. The best possible way to check out MUSA, the sculpture garden underwater is from below the water surface. Do a booking for a snorkeling excursion with Aqua World that comprises vests, fins, masks, and tunes and drinks onboard. Here, you will also find colorful exotic fishes.

  • Shop in the local markets

Just give up designer-label and luxury shopping malls and dive into the Asian made fashion accessories, crafts, and home decors. This market is located in a downtown area with 100 shops.  I got souvenirs for my loved ones from this market.

Reykjavik: Live The Best Of Iceland!

Iceland is spread over an area of 103,000 km2 with Reykjavik as its capital, probably the first place you will land on unless you happen to choose the sea route just like the so hypothesized theory of the Norwegian Vikings claims to have proceeded.

Reykjavik is a small city, but hoists about the 60% of the whole population of Iceland and is the northernmost capital of the world!

Though being small in its size, this place is a mix of nature along with some pretty lit and crazy electric clubs and nightlife.

How to reach Reykjavik?

You could simply gaze at the beautiful northern lights at night or go to the these major landmarks -Hallgrimskirkja church, Perlan and the concert hall Harpa, Austurvollur Square Reykjavik city hall, the parliament house and museums.

In researching, we found hotels and accommodations in a pretty decent number, but almost each of them happened to be expensive. One of the stays that caught our attention was the Galaxy Pod Hostel- Unique concept of capsule sized hotel rooms which have bunk beds and very basic necessities like a power outlet and an alarm. This sort of arrangement is pretty social as well, hence providing chances to make new friends and to build, share experiences.

The main shopping streets around the central location of Reykjavik are Laugavegur, Bankastræti, Austurstræti, Lækjargata, and Skólavörðustígur.

The city pond is just along the city hall where you can find the tourist information center along with the university of Iceland and Nordic house on the south, austurvöllur square on the North where you can find Dómkirkjan- oldest church in Reykjavík, Tjarnarbíó or Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn can be visited to check out theatre as well as music and dance performances. The best way to explore the culture is to go on a city walk which is free and lasts for a duration of 2 hours.

Food in Reykjavik

When talking about food, you can either choose to explore some of the weird delicacies that might be one’s favorite and other’s nightmare. Few of the famous food items available here are Matur Og Drykkur- cod head cooked in chicken stock, boiled sheep’s head or fermented shark that is easily available in Kolaportia-the famous flea market that is open every weekend, but that one thing which we believe everyone would like is the Icelandic hot dog that is available near the reykjavík harbor. Now that you’ve reached the harbor, you can check out Harpa concert and conference hall, which hoist multicultural events and lights up with moving LED artwork.

In case you happen to be the one who seeks attention then don’t forget to check out Esja – basalt and Tuff mountain range at a height of 914 meters.

Zurich: Spend Your Most Amazing Vacation In Zurich

One of the largest of Swiss cities, Zurich sits on Lake Zurich. I explored this place of lake jumping, mountain hiking, cathedral ascending and city mooching in April. Lake Zurich is filled with a gorgeous shade of turquoise, fresh water, clear enough to see through.

I stayed at the gorgeous Marktgasse boutique hotel located at the heart of the old town. It is like a maze of cobbled streets, colored shutter windows, shops and ice-cream stalls. The highlights are marshmallow pillows and duvets. The average meal pricing of eating out is around 17 CHF.

  • Uetliburg Summit

Hop on tram number 13 in the morning, to the end of Albisguetli and walk up to the small hill. It’s an intense walk and takes an hour to hike or 40 minutes. At the top, there are cafes and places to sit and enjoy the view.

  • Flussbad Oberer Letten

One may take an urban dip here, where people jump off the bridge and float down the river on inflatable. It’s safe to jump in, the water is glorious and the decent current weaves you down the river. One may even check the national museum and the beautiful gardens behind it.

  • Grossmunster

It is an iconic twin towered Romanesque cathedral, where 1500s religious reformer Huldrych Zwingli preached. It offers beautiful views and closes by 6 pm.

  • FIFA World Football Museum

It is an interactive experience world for the people of all ages, and is guaranteed to get all football fans’ pulses racing.

Besides, the restaurants around Lake Zurich offer culinary delights and magnificent view of the lake. Not to be missed, Fischer’s Fritz is said to serve the best Fischknusperli-fried fish. The Hirschen is seeing in Meilen or the Restaurant Schutzenhaus in Stafa also treat their guests to first-class fish straight from Lake Zurich.

How to reach Zurich?

Zurich is one of the top most preferred destinations for vacations. To reach this wonderland, one can either take direct flights to Zurich or take up transportation from Geneva. A typical vacation in Zurich requires at least a week.