Montauk Point Lighthouse and other attractions in Eastern Long Island

If you are traveling on Long Island New York and have the time to really enhance your visit, you will definitely want to head far east to the tip of Long Island and visit Montauk Point.

Long Island is about 120 miles long and 20 miles wide at its most.   Most people do not realize that Long Island is actually part of New York City. The western tip of Long Island is actually made up of two of the five boroughs that comprise New York City. They include Brooklyn and Queens.

But if you are someone who likes to get away from the big crowds, visiting the eastern end of Long Island will definitely slow down your heartbeat and bring a newfound sense of peace and joy as you experience the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Long Island sound to the north.

At the tip of Montauk point is the world renowned Montauk Point Lighthouse.   It is a historic structure that overlooks the ocean and offers amazing views and a museum that explains the history of this famous lighthouse.

It is over 200 years old and stands 110 feet tall. It’s light beacon flashes every five seconds and it will take you 137 steps of pure iron to reach the peak of the lighthouse.   The peak of its history is steeped in the whaling industry that took place off the coast of Long Island and up through new England.

This is a romantic’s favorite place to visit as you can picnic on the grounds or down on the beach.   Spectacular views can be had looking east word over the Atlantic Ocean.

Many people love to visit the wineries on the south shore of Long Island close to Montauk point. If you love horseback riding, you can go on an excursion and horseback ride with your significant other on the beach.

A friend of ours who owns Purity Hair Design, that provides bridal hair and make up services in Albany recommended we come visit this place because of its rich history and inviting ambience.

It is a beautiful place that has a little bit of new England flair  blended with upper class charm.  Another friend told us the same thing about spectacular horseback riding on the beach. She owns an Aveda hair salon that she says a lot of her inspiration and vision for her business actually came from visiting this area.

If you are visiting the east end of Long Island, we highly and recommend you consider visiting Montauk point and it’s lighthouse. It will not be a trip you will forget anytime soon.

Must See Stops in beautiful Cartagena, Columbia

If you wish to visit a characteristic place in Columbia by the Caribbean coast, it would be Cartagena. This city was formed during the colonial era as a major port around 1533. The city is located in between Sinu and Magdalena rivers. It became a major port for trading in Spain and the overseas empire. Hence it became an important trading center from the sixteenth century. The colonial era saw it as a key port from where Peruvian silver was exported to Spain as well as import of African slaves. This port was fortified to sustain against pirate attacks that were frequent in the Caribbean region. Today it is considered the fifth largest city of Columbia. Economic activities here include tourism, petrochemicals and maritime industries.

There are several evidences of the Spanish colonial era here. The city was originally built as a fortress and a walled city and it is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • If you come here, there are several scenic coastal attractions to witness here. You can start with the Rosario islands that include aquarium, coral reefs and beaches. Snorkeling activities are popular on the beaches here. The Corales Islas del Rosario is an archipelago that is located off the Columbian coast and is a must visit.
  • Castillo San Felipe de Barajas is an iconic fortress here that has many interesting tunnels to explore. The hilltop fortress was built way back in the seventeenth century. With complex tunnel systems, there is much to explore here, which is possible with tours that are conducted here.
  • Las Bovedas is the next place to visit which is a former dungeon that now houses souvenir shops. The cells here in the dungeons of the 18th century showcase the past history of the place; colorful souvenirs can also be obtained here.
  • Palace of the Inquisition is another place that is a museum which houses historical exhibitions. There are several historical items that are educational exhibits here.
  • Plaza Santo Domingo is another place worth visiting here. With Botero sculptures this area has a vibrant square or a plaza that has several vendors, outdoor eateries and so forth.

These are some of the several places to visit and enjoy in Cartagena.

Picturesque Views and Outdoor Activities in the Yosemite National Park

Everyone living in California knows a tour to this state is incomplete without heading to the Yosemite National Park. This park lies deep within the Sierra Nevada Mountains and offers sights unlike you’ve ever seen before. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Yosemite National Park plays host to vivid scenery, waterfalls, rocky terrains and wildlife.

Sights in Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite Valley makes an insignificant percentage of the park in terms of area but it is the most popular tourist resort as well. In the limited area of the Yosemite Valley, forests and meadows are the highlight along with several wonders of the National Park. The Yosemite Falls, the most majestic waterfall of Yosemite is in the list as well.

Yosemite Valley is also home to the Half Dome and El Capitan rendering it as the most visited area of the Yosemite National Park.

The park is known for its outdoor beauty and rocky terrain. Sitting on top of the Yosemite Valley is the High Sierra, a snow-capped peak concentrated with clear lakes, granite stone and wildlife. The High Sierra is accessible by road through the Tioga Road. For more adventurous souls, the peak can be reached by hiking, camping and climbing.

Yosemite National Park also has a number of less visited attractions. The Mariposa Grove and the Hetch Hetchy reservoir are amongst these. The Hetch Hetchy has a number of spectacular waterfalls to see in the spring season.

Things to Do in Yosemite National Park

Since the park is marked with a hilly landscape, hiking and rock climbing are the most dominant activities of the area. There are well developed hiking trails all across the park although not all of them are open throughout the year. During the winter season, most trails are closed because of the danger of rain or snow. Cable cars to the Half Dome are an alternative but they too close by late October.

Other popular activities in the Yosemite National Park are skiing in the winter season on the Badger Pass, golfing and horseback riding.

Yosemite National Park is rich with resorts and camping places. Take a trip with your buddies to this park for an ideal, adventure-filled vacation.

Visiting the city, built on the water…Venice, Italy!

Aaaahhh, Venice.

It’s a line we have heard in the movies by Indiana Jones, or of many others over the years.  The city of Venice is rich in history and culture.

Venice is the city of art and literature, it’s a magical scenery, built on a lagoon. It is the capital city of the Veneto region, across 118 small islands that are separated by canals while bridges link them.

It is the world’s only pedestrian city and is easily walkable. The absence of vehicles on the streets, make it an altogether different and pleasant experience. So, put on your most comfortable pair of footwear and brush up your memory skills before travelling, as getting lost in it’s beautiful streets is quite a common occurrence among tourists. You can also opt for the water buses (vaporetti) and water taxis. The vaporetti are much cheaper and “Vaporetto dell’Arte” is most famous among tourists.

Water is the best way to get here. Marco Polo Airport is the closest airport. You can opt for a bus, train, cycle, water taxi or water bus from Marco Polo to Venice. However, travel light as you  have to carry your luggage from the station/ port to your hotel. Book your stay in advance and you may also opt for luggage assistance, at extra costs.

Tourism in Venice is booming and with nearly 20 million tourists each year, it is now one of the leading tourist destinations. Maximum tourist attractions like the Doge’s Palace, Bell Tower of St. Mark, Clock Tower (all situated at San Marco Square), Scuola grande di San Rocco, the Jewish Ghetto of Venice and innumerable churches and museums are situated in the districts of Dorsoduro, Castello, Cannaregio, San Polo, Santa Croce and San Marco. Do not miss out on the gandola ride and Romantic Dinner Cruise. A cheaper option to the gandola ride, is the “Traghetto” on the Grand Canal.

Venice is famous for articles like masks, jewelry, costumes, laces, shawls, leather good, antiques, t-shirts etc. The Rialto Market and Rialto Bridge on San Polo are comparatively less expensive markets. Events like the annual boat marathon (Voga Longa), the Regata ‘Storica, Venice International Film Festival, Carnival of Venice etc. are also hosted here

The busiest and most expensive time here is April- June, September and October. November- January is a quieter and colder period. The temperature here varies from 3°C in January to 23°C in July.

So, ditch your heels and excess luggage and make sure you get lost in the narrow streets and magnificent squares of this romantic city and encounter the true, living magic that this city gloriously enchants!




The Adirondack Experience in Blue Mountain Lake NY

If you are ever visiting upstate New York in the summer or better yet in the fall, make sure to visit the Adirondack Experience in Blue Mountain Lake.

It used to be called the Adirondack Museum but it’s name has since changed. Blue mountain lake is a beautiful town in the Adirondack mountains about two hours from Albany New York.   This time of year is the best time to visit because of the fall foliage coming into peak season in the next couple of weeks.

It is a museum that was designed to preserve the history of the great Adirondacks. The museum actually sits on the site of a historic summer resort hotel known as the Blue Mountain House.

The museum has been operated since the 1940s and consists of 24 unique buildings on 121 acres and covers almost 60,000 ft.² of exhibition space. It is open from May until October with extended summer hours.

You will find tons of different exhibitions an amazing collections that include fine art, photographs, historical artifacts and information the documents historic structures and galleries of the era in the Adirondacks.  There are special events, school field trips, workshops and demonstrations along with a great library or you can do your research year around.

If you are planning to visit, make sure you plan for an entire day as there are many exhibits to check out that teach about the mining and logging history in the Adirondacks. It showcases the great camps are the Adirondacks as well as European settlers that visited the area.

Exist a new exhibition called life in the Adirondacks which is a 19,000 square-foot interactive experience where every single visitor starts from. It is extremely interactive and high-tech bringing to life the amazing history of the Adirondack mountains and region.

Here is an amazing video to give you a better sense of what the Adirondack Experience is all about.

Traveling all over the world: tips you should remember

It is so many people’s dream to go out and see the world. To travel throughout the world and to experience other cultures and eat different foods. However, if you want to make sure that you are going to have the best possible experience, you should make sure that you are going to remember these top three tips. Without these three tips, your experience might not be as great as what you hoped it would have been:

Learning to be patients

You might be used to living in a country where everything is fast pace and where you need to rush to get to everything on your schedule. However, the one thing that you need to know is that this isn’t the same in all the countries.

Some of the countries they don’t have a fast pace life, and they don’t really rush to anything. And, if you are not used to this type of life, you might lose your patients. If you want to enjoy your holiday and your tour all over the world, you need to make sure that you are going to learn how to be patients and how to make the best of your time traveling.

Make sure that you don’t carry all your cash with you

There are countries where it is dangerous to walk in the street with all your money. And, because it is so easy to spot a tourist, it makes you vulnerable. This is why this tip is so essential. You should not carry all your cash with you. You should stash some of the money in your suitcase in hidden compartments or in your shoes or socks.

You don’t want to be stranded in a foreign country, because the locals have stolen all your money. The more money is stashing away, the better it will be for you.

Meet and talk to local people

The whole idea of traveling all over the world, is to see new things and to experience different cultures. However, if you don’t meet and talk to locals you will not get to experience everything about the culture. And, you will not have anything to think back on after your travels.

There are many different cultures and different kinds of people. And, you will be having a lot more fun during your tour when you are meeting and talking to interesting people that you don’t meet every day. This can make things a lot more interesting.

There are many things that you should consider and know when you are traveling the world. However, knowing these three tips, will make your experience a lot better. You will get more patients and will enjoy the tours a lot more, meeting and talking to strangers and having as much fun as possible.