Archive | March, 2019

Changzhou – Go Back to the Dinosaur Age

I found this city to be unique, especially the fact that there are traces of dinosaur age that its history goes back to. This place was inhabited about 2700 years back in history. Among the smaller cities of China, this is a town worth visiting for its old world charm. It is centrally located in […]

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Santa Ana: Your Vacation Is Set To Bloom Here

Located in Central America, Santa Ana is a happening city and is popular as the business center for the region. It is the second largest city in El Salvador. There is nothing much to see or do here and it is more of a one day tour rather than a vacation. One of the highlights […]

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San Salvador: This Capital City Is A Must Visit

If you were looking for a place rich in history along with big malls, bars, pub coupled with breathtaking views, and all of this in Central America, then I have a recommendation for you, San Salvador, the Capital city of El Salvador. One thing I liked about the city from the start was that it […]

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