Aswan – The Medieval City

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Aswan city is located alongside and over the Nile banks and which is why it has under control temperatures; it is not very hot always, though the sun might be shining too hard on you, you will be able to feel a mildly cool wind across your face. The city is very popular for hosting many earlier military vases and a numerous number of quarries which were used in medieval times for water sources. Some of them are completely ruined; however, some of them still sit. The city is away from any sort of hustle and bustle, so if you are looking to just sit in silence and rest away, this is the city you should be in. Here are some of the suggestions.

Elephantine Island

As its name suggests the island is known to host over fifty elephants alongside the water coastlines. And none of these elephants are captivated or anything they roam around freely and it is a record that they have never harmed any of the locals or tourists itself. The elephants you can spot bathing and play in the river, sometimes you can even spot them with their babies and it is so lovely that you cannot take your eyes away from it. You can help these elephants bath and even ride them through the waters, making it a completely different kind of adventure.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is the heritage historical site registered under UNESCO. And it is very true to its title, it is one of the most intricate designing. Not only the architecture of this place is ancient but it has got an equal mix of modernization when it was restored and rebuilt. You can take a day trip to the monument which was earlier the palace to the Ramses rulers. However, this place is somewhat ruined, but it has got this huge ancient Statue on its entry that is a definite sight.

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