Changzhou – Go Back to the Dinosaur Age

I found this city to be unique, especially the fact that there are traces of dinosaur age that its history goes back to. This place was inhabited about 2700 years back in history. Among the smaller cities of China, this is a town worth visiting for its old world charm. It is centrally located in the southeastern part of the country, south of Jiangsu province.

I found the weather here to be mild which ranges from freezing lows to highs below 90. Dinosaurs also existed in this region of which piles of evidence have been found. Today the modern city is easy to reach from Nanjing or from Shanghai which are about 1.5 hours of travel by high-speed train.

You can plan a day trip here and explore the local attractions as I did.

Stop by the Tianning Temple

This place of worship is a Zen Buddhist temple and is dotted with several well-cultured gardens. It is also one of the noted archaeological sites that are worth visiting.

The Main Attraction – Changzhou’s Dinosaur Park

There is evidence of dinosaurs having inhabited this place and that is what you get to view in this park. There is a theme park built around this place as well as a Universal Dinosaur town. Not only can you visit the different entertainment facilities and dinosaur museum, but they can also enjoy a stay here and enjoy the recreational activities.

The Yancheng Scenic Area

This is yet another area that is worth visiting and spending a day here. It is a historical site with ruins of an old town of China which was guarded by city walls and three moats. There are three thousand years of history around this town and its rulers.

Spend Time by the Tianmu Lake

Located north of Tianmu Mountain, it is an hour’s drive from downtown; it is constructed of reservoirs and natural sceneries around the lake are breathtaking.

You can enjoy the above places visited with a city tour guide service and you can also stop by local eateries to enjoy native cuisine of the place.

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