Cluj: A Historic And Unique City In Transylvania

Cluj Napoca in Transylvania would be a unique city to visit, being a blend of several religions and cultures that have formed this city over the centuries. It is known as the Treasure City of Transylvania and that is not without reason. This city has several landmarks that date back to the medieval era and are well preserved even in these modern times.


  • Museum Square


This is an area that dates back in history, having been a place where the locals gathered for a drink. This area is well preserved with beautiful terrace areas and narrow streets and exudes a unique charm of the city. There is a Franciscan church of the baroque tradition here as well as Matthias Corvin House, which is a famous Art University in this city.


  • Union Square


Besides the Museum Square you will also find several distinct landmarks to visit in the Union Square region of the city. This is also known as the Central Square that lies hidden beneath a glass surface. It houses the Napoca’s ruins which used to be a Roman citadel dating back 2000 years. Saint Michael Church is a historic building to visit here as well.


  • Potassia Street


This city has unique aspects of its history echoed in the different streets and lanes. This particular street by the walls of the old citadel, takes you back to Transylvania in the medieval times. Here you will find the iconic Transylvanian hotel, Makeba pub and bistro, Café Rejoice, a rock pub and other unique places to visit.


  • Reformed Church


Cluj has several churches and this particular church is known for several unique features. It was built in the 15th century and Transylvania Coat of Arms is the biggest collection in the country.


  • Avram Iancu Square


This is one of the more recent squares that have monumental buildings like the National Theater and Opera of Cluj along with an Orthodox Cathedral.

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