Duran: This River Town Is Out Of A Fairyland

Duran is one of the 221 second-level subdivisions of Ecuador and falls in the Guayas territory where the Guayas River flows into the ocean near the junction of the river Daule and river Babahoyo. Basically, a small cozy town with a population of roughly 240,000 people, Duran wins a place in the hearts of the visitors who crave for an escape to a different casual town and do not demand a vast typical travel experience. The town, lying in 59 kilometers square units of area, is filled with numerous historical establishments and number of small local markets and restaurants called “comedores.” I feel like one could truly encounter the life of the natives of Duran in these local repositories and food places which is the source of livelihood for most of the people.

These are some of the places to visit and things not to miss in Duran,

  • Malecon Alfredo Palacios
  • Ruta de Los Arruzates
  • Divino Nino Sanctuary
  • Museo De Los Equipos Del Astillero
  • Tren Ecuador
  • Finca Monoloco
  • Edificio El Torreon

Duran, also known as Eloy Alfaro, which is the capital of the same, is where the first railroad center in Ecuador was installed. Hence, rail tours are a traditional attraction to the visitors here, which include free refreshments, guide support, a trip through the organic farms of Duran with the relaxing, casual vibes and the scenic beauty of the small town. Duran is also proximate to some of the fascinating and biggest cities of the country such as Guayaquil, Riobamba, Samborondon, etc.

Duran’s terrains and environment are perfect for people looking forward to a brief, serene trip of one or two days. I bet that even though Duran might not offer a flamboyant or electrifying experience, it will still be a place from where someone carries a suitcase of cherished memories.

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