Explore The Unexplored City Of El Progreso

El Progreso a small city in Honduras and it is present in Yoro department of Honduras.

Because of its location, tourists and travelers pass through this place one way or another. This is the reason El Progreso has importance in Honduras. Although, a city is a resting place for travelers, there are some interesting spots present here where you can visit and have fun. The top spots of El Progreso are:

Museum El Progreso

This is a railway museum center and also known Railway Interpretation Center. During your visit to this museum, you can enjoy a short trip on a small train. We traveled here with my friend Sarah, who lives in Albany NY & runs Ultimate Roofing.  She shared info about the local railway systems in NY & the history at the New York State Museum.  If you are traveling with family and children, take them here your children will have an irresistible fun here.

Cathedral Basílica de Mercedes-Luján

The English name of this place is “Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy”. The cathedral has been declared as a National Historic Landmark. This cathedral is of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mercedes-Luján. It was built in 1904 and serves the Mercedes-Luján’s Archdiocese and has Episcopal Chair. It is built in the Gothic Revival style. The cathedral has remains of Doña Inés Unzué Dorrego and Don Saturnino Unzué. The key benefactors of the cathedral are dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy.

Siguastore, Siguatepeque

To reach Siguatepeque sits you need to take a short car trip and it is worth taking this much pain. The place is around 1000 meters above sea level. The hill is covered by a lovely pine tree and there is a huge greenery present here.  Reach the top of the hill and you will be amazed to see the top view. There are many coffee shops present here that serves wonderful coffee and other hot drinks. Trying it at a peaceful place is a lovely experience in itself.

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