La Ceiba – The Good-Time Town Of Honduras

La Ceiba is the Caribbean port city in northern Honduras. And the city is also the gateway to Útila and Bay Islands of Roatán and Guanaja. Because of being close to water, the island has many dive sites that have rich marine life such as whale and sharks. So, if you love aquatic life, and want to dive, this is the perfect place for you. Talk about the South portion of La Ceiba, then the place has Pico Bonito National Park, which is rich in wildlife. You can visit the part to wild animals like jaguars and toucans in their natural habitat.

Because of so many fun spots here, the La Ceiba is also known as the good-time town of Honduras. The port city is buzzing nightlife and awesome day time. When you plan to visit the city, do add these places in your to do list.


  • Cayos Cochinos


This is the Marine Biological Reserve off the mountains. During your visit to the place, you can enjoy beaches, diving and snorkeling. If you are doing it for the first time, you can take the help of instructor here. Cayos Cochinos in addition to offering fun at beaches, also offer authentic mouth watering food. Don’t miss typical Garifuna style dish here.

  • Snorkel Trip In Utila

Utila is well known as a SCUBA dive destination, but only people who have visited this place know that Utila also offers fantastic snorkeling from the boat.

You can take a boat trip and spend a day at the idyllic Water Cay. Here oceanic fish patrol the underwater walls, and if you are lucky, you can spot sharks and whales, and even if you are unable to get their glimpse, you will massive behemoths swimming freely.

  • Rafting at Río Cangrejal

You head to the Cangrejal River after experiencing scuba and snorkeling for rafting. When you are here, be prepared to face the adrenaline rush of the White Water Rafting. You will be given a complete safety kit when you in the water. Moreover, the rescue team presents there ensure absolute security of people.

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