Montauk Point Lighthouse and other attractions in Eastern Long Island

If you are traveling on Long Island New York and have the time to really enhance your visit, you will definitely want to head far east to the tip of Long Island and visit Montauk Point.

Long Island is about 120 miles long and 20 miles wide at its most.   Most people do not realize that Long Island is actually part of New York City. The western tip of Long Island is actually made up of two of the five boroughs that comprise New York City. They include Brooklyn and Queens.

But if you are someone who likes to get away from the big crowds, visiting the eastern end of Long Island will definitely slow down your heartbeat and bring a newfound sense of peace and joy as you experience the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Long Island sound to the north.

At the tip of Montauk point is the world renowned Montauk Point Lighthouse.   It is a historic structure that overlooks the ocean and offers amazing views and a museum that explains the history of this famous lighthouse.

It is over 200 years old and stands 110 feet tall. It’s light beacon flashes every five seconds and it will take you 137 steps of pure iron to reach the peak of the lighthouse.   The peak of its history is steeped in the whaling industry that took place off the coast of Long Island and up through new England.

This is a romantic’s favorite place to visit as you can picnic on the grounds or down on the beach.   Spectacular views can be had looking east word over the Atlantic Ocean.

Many people love to visit the wineries on the south shore of Long Island close to Montauk point. If you love horseback riding, you can go on an excursion and horseback ride with your significant other on the beach.

It is a beautiful place that has a little bit of new England flair  blended with upper class charm.

If you are visiting the east end of Long Island, we highly and recommend you consider visiting Montauk point and it’s lighthouse. It will not be a trip you will forget anytime soon.

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