Revisiting The Historic Times in Springfield Illinois

Springfield is the capital city of Illinois. It is a historic city which is popular for being the home of Abraham Lincoln, who lived in the city for 24 years. Besides the historic Lincoln sites, the city has some amazing nature parks, zoos, and gardens. Mentioned below are a few important tourist attractions in Springfield.


  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum: a treasure of Lincoln memorabilia


The Museum features a stunning collection of artifacts, documents, and books associated with Lincoln’s life. It also exhibits realistic dioramas that depict the early life and home of Lincoln. The display also includes a collection of items used by Lincoln and family.


  • Lincoln Memorial Garden:  splendid natural trails


Lincoln Memorial Garden is a beautiful garden located on the Lake Shore Drive. The garden spans around 100 acres. The place is popular for its wood-chipped trails flanked by beautiful foliage and flowering trees. It also houses a magnificent nature center that attracts many tourists throughout the year.


  • Henson Robinson Zoo: explore the wilderness


The Henson Robinson Zoo is a small zoo that can definitely impress the children. The place houses around 300 wild animals and birds comprising of monkeys, penguins, cougars, turtles, eagles, and peacocks.


  • Washington Park: day-long picnicking


If you are looking forward to having a relaxing family picnic Washington Park is the best place in Springfield. The place is quite grand and houses a beautiful botanical garden, a rose garden, and a conservatory. There is a large duck pond and a cactus garden that grows some rare plant species.


  • Illinois State Military Museum:  a captivating historic journey


The Illinois State Military Museum is one of the few museums dedicated to the history of the American military. It has many war artifacts like weapons, arms, and aircrafts used by the US army. It features a stone armory and a gift shop.  This museum was recommended by a friend, Rhett & Fran, they own a law firm where they have represented many clients with past military experience.  They said it is a great place to get a tremendous perspective on the history in Illinois.

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