Reykjavik: Live The Best Of Iceland!

Iceland is spread over an area of 103,000 km2 with Reykjavik as its capital, probably the first place you will land on unless you happen to choose the sea route just like the so hypothesized theory of the Norwegian Vikings claims to have proceeded.

Reykjavik is a small city, but hoists about the 60% of the whole population of Iceland and is the northernmost capital of the world!

Though being small in its size, this place is a mix of nature along with some pretty lit and crazy electric clubs and nightlife.

How to reach Reykjavik?

You could simply gaze at the beautiful northern lights at night or go to the these major landmarks -Hallgrimskirkja church, Perlan and the concert hall Harpa, Austurvollur Square Reykjavik city hall, the parliament house and museums.

In researching, we found hotels and accommodations in a pretty decent number, but almost each of them happened to be expensive. One of the stays that caught our attention was the Galaxy Pod Hostel- Unique concept of capsule sized hotel rooms which have bunk beds and very basic necessities like a power outlet and an alarm. This sort of arrangement is pretty social as well, hence providing chances to make new friends and to build, share experiences.

The main shopping streets around the central location of Reykjavik are Laugavegur, Bankastræti, Austurstræti, Lækjargata, and Skólavörðustígur.

The city pond is just along the city hall where you can find the tourist information center along with the university of Iceland and Nordic house on the south, austurvöllur square on the North where you can find Dómkirkjan- oldest church in Reykjavík, Tjarnarbíó or Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn can be visited to check out theatre as well as music and dance performances. The best way to explore the culture is to go on a city walk which is free and lasts for a duration of 2 hours.

Food in Reykjavik

When talking about food, you can either choose to explore some of the weird delicacies that might be one’s favorite and other’s nightmare. Few of the famous food items available here are Matur Og Drykkur- cod head cooked in chicken stock, boiled sheep’s head or fermented shark that is easily available in Kolaportia-the famous flea market that is open every weekend, but that one thing which we believe everyone would like is the Icelandic hot dog that is available near the reykjavík harbor. Now that you’ve reached the harbor, you can check out Harpa concert and conference hall, which hoist multicultural events and lights up with moving LED artwork.

In case you happen to be the one who seeks attention then don’t forget to check out Esja – basalt and Tuff mountain range at a height of 914 meters.

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