San Salvador: This Capital City Is A Must Visit

If you were looking for a place rich in history along with big malls, bars, pub coupled with breathtaking views, and all of this in Central America, then I have a recommendation for you, San Salvador, the Capital city of El Salvador.

One thing I liked about the city from the start was that it wasn’t difficult to commute within the city at any stage of the journey. One may take a bus or taxi and go around exploring the city.

As I commuted through the city, I noticed a strange mix of narrow streets and wide avenues and boulevards. San Salvador can rightly be called a city of boulevards, as it is home to the two widest boulevards of Central America: Boulevard de Los Proceres and Boulevard de Los Heroes. Stopping by at them I felt that they provide a unique dimension to the city.

Moving on, to one of the city’s most visited spots, the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior. This place hosts the tomb of Archbishop Óscar Romero. The cathedral did serve as a great spot to stop and reflect, to pray and to spend some essential moments of peace before moving ahead in the journey.

My next stop was Plaza Libertad which is where the Monument of the Heroes is situated. This is a place of great significance in the history of El Salvador. The monument is a magnificent treat to the eyes specifically if you love cultural architecture. At the pinnacle of the monument stands an “angel of freedom” further enhancing its glory.

My trip came to an end with the breathtaking view of the volcanoes surrounding the city. The fare, food, and lodging here are cheap and the experience is very rich. In all San Salvador is a great city which you must visit.

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