Santa Ana: Your Vacation Is Set To Bloom Here

Located in Central America, Santa Ana is a happening city and is popular as the business center for the region. It is the second largest city in El Salvador. There is nothing much to see or do here and it is more of a one day tour rather than a vacation. One of the highlights that I found amusing was the Central Square; its fountain, cathedral, a town hall, a theatre, and various other architectural structures. I spent most of the time strolling through the streets and sipping warm coffee in cafes. I visited the Cerro Verde National Park, which was a cloud forest encircled with three dormant volcanoes. You can either opt for a minibus or a bus to take you to the park. The park was crowded with school children and other local visitors, but I couldn’t spot many foreign tourists there. I went trekking through the forest with a guide although I couldn’t see much of my surroundings due to the clouds.

The next destination on my itinerary was Lake Coatepeque. I had lunch from one of the many restaurants built on the lakeside. Some of them were floating on the lake with an attached outboard motor which can be taken out into the lake. I was often stopped by several bands of musicians and their series of songs while I was enjoying the scenery. It started raining in the afternoon, and I was told that this was usually every afternoon. So if you ever plan on visiting Santa Ana, don’t forget your slippers and umbrella! Another thing to keep in your mind; do not roam around the streets without knowing where you’re headed to; it might seem like a place easy to navigate, but there are very fewer roads labeled. So keep a map in handy. There are a lot of restaurants that you can stay in, and a lot of street food that you can gorge on. So if a short vacation is what you’re looking for, Santa Ana is your place.

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