What To Do When You Are In Belo Horizonte, Brazil?

Belo Horizonte is a very popular city in Brazil known for its attractive monuments, churches, football stadium, parks, lakes, markets, etc.

  • Praça da Liberdade – the principal square of Brazil

This is also known as the Liberty Square. This principal square was built soon after the Belo Horizonte city was established. The buildings in this place give you an idea of the architectural marvel of the bygone era. The older buildings are now changed into entertainment and cultural centers.

  • Minas Gerais Museum – the mines and metals museum

This mines and metal museum is located in the Prédio Rosa (Pink Building). This is the place that offers a wide collection on metallurgy and mining. The museum will show how important mining is for the city and its economy. The wealth of the soil is showcased in the 18 different rooms.

  • Mineirão Stadium – the best football stadium in Brazil

This football stadium became a rage in Brazil when it hosted 10 2016 Rio Olympics football games. It was built in 1965 and has a capacity of seating 62,000 people. It is a multipurpose sports complex and has a new translucent roof to protect the football fans from the rain. The highlight of this stadium is the Brazilian football museum and any Brazilian football fan must not miss seeing this museum.

  • São Francisco de Assis Church – is a sight to behold

This church is also called the Pampulha Church. It was thrown open in 1943 and got recognition from the church authorities in 1959. It has the Pampulha architecture loaded and it houses the very popular Via Crucis. The Burle Marx gardens and the Portinair panels on the exterior should not be missed.

  • Central Market – a busy shopping paradise in the heart of the city

The Belo Horizonte Central Market is one of the oldest and the best shopping downtown markets you will come across in the world. It was open in 1929 and has over 400 shops featuring a wide range of products ranging from vegetables, dairy products, cafes, restaurants, cookware, etc.

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